Before you Escape

Every jailbreaker may want to Prevent OTA Updates on their iOS Device. Updating to a newer version of iOS will mean the end of your jailbreak.
While not neccessarily needed, Backing up your iOS Device with iTunes can save you from a loss of data when things go wrong.
As always, when a jailbreakable firmware is still being signed you should Save your Blobs and Set your Nonce (Tutorial Coming Soon) so you can Future Restore your device.

Escape Plan

You can find some great tweaks like Jellyfish, Ultrasound, and Asteroid on the Dynastic Repo.
If you ever wanted to enjoy one of the best visual novels on the go, DDLC-iOS is for you! Get it on Carsuki's Repo
With any Jailbreak or Homebrew, there's always a need for Utilities. Some of our favorite utilities are as follows.

ReProvision - Cydia Impactor for iOS -- Matchstic Repo

Filza - File Manager -- TigiSoftware Repo

MTerminal - Terminal for iOS -- Available on your default repo

SnowBoard - Anemone Alternative -- Chariz Repo

iCleaner Pro - iOS Optimizer -- Ivano B.'s Beta Repo

UnSub - Disables tweaks in certain apps to bypass detection -- Nepeta's Repo

Breathe new life into your iOS Device by theming it!

Felicty - A happy and colorful theme -- Packix Repo

Lotus Dark - Dark and sleek ($2.49USD) -- Packix Repo

This section is lacking a little bit. Have something to Verdienst?
TheHacker (Skylar McCauley) even has some neat utilities on his repo. Get it on the Hacked Repo.
Cercube for YouTube is a great tweak to enhance your YouTube experience. Get it on the Alfhaily APT Repo.
Looking for the most robust OLED experience? Say no more!

Eclipse Dark Mode ($1.50), Noctis ($2.00USD), and Carbon ($1.50) are all available from Packix.

GrooveTube (for YouTube), Harmony (for Discord), Groovify (for Spotify), and ChromaGram (for Instagram) by Revulate are all available from Dynastic

Ultrasound, available on Dynastic, and 13HUD, available on Packix, change up the look of the VolumeHUD nad even have OLED options.

Dune, a free and open source Dark Mode tweak, can be found on Skitty's Repo. This introduces iOS 13-like toggling in the Control Center.

Jailbreaking is all about freedom, so why stop at practical tweaks?

JBStickers adds a new sticker pack to iMessage with Jailbreak-related stickers and memes. It's available on Packix

Emojyee, by far the best tweak on available, gives all of your emoji a hat! Get it on the properly named repo.

DopeSettings, a classic tweak that changes the names of your settings to what they should totally be called. Get it on AR8X's repo

SparkDev has made some very useful tweaks such as FreshWall, DoubleTapLock, Melior, NoSIMAlert, and Vesta.
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